Vice President for Student Life

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The Student Life Administrative office works to promote the 7th Great Commitment of Berea College which is to maintain a residential campus and to encourage in all community members a way of life characterized by the mindful and sustainable living, health and wellness, zest for learning, high personal standards, and a concern for the welfare of others. This is done by providing students and the campus community with various services that promote a diverse and inclusive community. The Student Life Administrative Office handles programs, finances and policies for Student Life departments including:

Student Life

Student Life

Campus Life

Campus Living

Residence Life

Resident Life

Student Health Services

College Health Services

Office of Public Safety

Office of Public Safety

Counseling Services

Counseling Services Staff Photo (1)

These offices coordinate services including;

  • Residence Hall Program
  • Health and counseling services
  • Disability accommodations
  • Student activities
  • Student life programs