Office of the Vice President for Alumni and College Relations

Doug Widner

Doug Widner with Saniaa Linkous

Doug Widner with his Great Granddaughter Saniaa Linkous

Web Communications Manager

Visitor Center, Room 123
CPO 2142

Office Hours: M-F, 6:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Phone: 859-985-3028
Fax: 859-985-3556


B.A. English/Generalist Writing, Colorado University, 1977
Phi Beta Kappa

At Berea College since 2010

Bio: Doug’s first career in telecommunications was satellite based. It started in 1978 with NASA experimental communications satellites and by 1982 evolved into a new field commercialized as “business television.” He co-wrote four books about satellite teleconferencing and business television between 1980 and 1993, and in the last one he anticipated the overthrow of space-based business television by ubiquitous broadband Internet.

While Doug had done many “project” web sites as a business television producer in the ’90s and beyond, he authored his first personal enduring web site in 1996. That website got archived in 2010, three months after he became web communications manager at Berea College.

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