Berea: A Safe Haven

Berea College has always been seen as a sort of safe haven to the people who come here. Whether we are talking about Carter G. Woodson who came to Berea from enslaved parents in Virginia, and would later become the father of black history or, students living in Appalachia with big dreams and low income. Once a guest gets to Berea most of those worries are supposed to settle and the effects of being in – what the students have affectionately named- the Berea Bubble begin to settle in. Berea got its name from the Bible in the Book of Acts. The people of the Biblical Berea were open-minded and critical thinkers. Paul and Silas often went there to preach because the people there were eager to listen to the word of God. They exhibited positive characteristics and were seen as very noble. But one of the biggest things that the Berean Christians in the Bible did was guard Paul and keep him safe.

So with this in mind, it seems a bit ironic that Berea, Kentucky exhibits some of the same features. Students studying here are taught to think critically and to be open-minded. One way that is done is through the rigorous coursework that challenges the beliefs of the student while teaching them new ways of thinking. Most importantly Berea has always been known as a safe place for all that come. Whether it was an African American student trying to escape the hardships that came with racism or a student from Appalachia who trying to find a way to enlighten their “holler” community they are safe and welcomed to do so.

Likewise, some of the recent guests that have come to our store are seeking safety away from the storm that is entering their community. Proving Berea is still a safe haven and welcoming to all in their times of need. It is a privilege to be a stop along the way to safety or the spot of safety for these travelers. We would like to send lots of prayer and positive vibes to all that are in the pathway of the storm.

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