Welcome to the very first Berea College Visitor Center & Shoppe Blog. My name is Kerringtan and it is my pleasure to write this weekly blog. Berea College was founded in 1855 by slave abolitionist named Reverend John G. Fee. Reverend Fee was a radical man with a vision of inclusion. When he founded Berea College in 1855 it was interracial and coeducational. This was even before the Civil War so you can only imagine all of the turmoil this caused during that time. However, Berea College was fearless and still is. One way that it still exhibits its fearlessness is by guaranteeing a tuition-free scholarship to every student accepted. In place of the student’s tuition, we all work for the college. This makes Berea College one of the most affordable schools in the country.

The Berea College Visitor Center & Shoppe exhibits all of the visions that Fee saw. The motto of this college is “God has made of one blood people of the world,” and the Visitor Center lives by this. We treat each person that enters our store with the utmost respect. All of the staff here appreciates every person who walks in the door and tries to instill the Berea College vision in everyone. Whether it is telling our individual Berea College stories or explaining the rich history, we want every guest to feel a part of our community.

What sets our store apart from other students is the quality of customer service each student gives. The store had a host of intergenic students waiting to greet you as you walk in. Each student comes from different backgrounds and can add a different perspective on life. Unlike most businesses, you visit the Berea College Visitor Center & Shoppe is basically ran by the students. This year there is a lot of fresh blood on the floor. We have three new student managers along with two returning ones to make sure to store is in tiptop shape. Whether it is Adrianna, our Marketing manager, makes sure that there are many special events and sales or, Lily Anna, our Tour guide manager, creating new and innovative tours our store has a lot to offer. So be sure to stop in when you are traveling by and say hello. Just by stopping in you can learn all new information that could be beneficial for a student in your life.

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