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Berea College Merchandise

We are proud to say that our friends and customers come in many different forms from students, tourists, faculty, staff, alumni, and locals and we need all of you! We need those who are proud to support the Berea College spirit and mission in order to continue making connections across the globe. Being proud to say that you attended Berea College or you visited us or that you have a strong connection with us is our first and final goal. At the end of the day it isn’t about how many hoodies and T-shirts we sold, but that the person who purchased the item will wear their spirit with pride and grace in order to share with others the opportunities made available for those, who might not otherwise have, to receive their education. So please don’t be shy about sporting Berea and check out the merchandise we have tailored for the friends and supporters of Berea College!

Berea College Tours

Pictured above is Berea College student, Kerringtan Maddox. Kerringtan is a Senior communication major and has been a tour guide at the Visitor Center & Shoppe for 2 of her 4 years while attending Berea. In fact, all of our guides are strong leaders and ambitious Berea College students who are honored to be a strong link in the connections and friendships made for the school. Each guide has studied and read the history of Berea College and has been exposed to world class tour leading. All of this to further enhance our guests’ experience at Berea through our story, our crafts, and our sustainable aspirations. If you are interested in learning more about Berea please don’t hesitate to click the button below to book a tour!


Featured in the image above are a few of the Craft OUTREACH employees, including the supervisor, Steve Davis-Rosenbaum. These delightful people are painting ceramic bowls for the CELTS and Ceramics Pottery Apprenticeship Program’s annual Empty Bowls fundraiser. Students, faculty, staff and community members each pay $10 for a beautiful bowl, soup and the privilege to help raise the funds for those in need in our community. This event is just a drop-in-the-bucket when it comes to our Crafts OUTREACH program. Their mission? To serve the under-served by educating regional Appalachian Communities of their heritage, and often times, through hands-on craft experience! Crafts OUTREACH also holds daily demonstrations inside the Visitor Center and hosts weekly community programs.  Want to learn more about BC crafts and the OUTREACH program? Click the button below.