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TRC Media Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can media equipment be checked out?

Media rentals are charged per day.  If you are checking out equipment for a class, you may be able to check them out a a free three-day academic rental with approval from the appropriate faculty.

Does the TRC offer printing services?

The TRC no longer offers printing services. If you are in need of a poster or other printed materials, please contact Printing Services (ext. 3166) for assistance.

How can I get a copy of Convocation ?

Permission to copy Convocation must be granted from Thomas Ahrens, the Convocation Coordinator.  Hutchins Library Special Collections has the master videos of Convocations. Some programs need permission from the artist because of contractual agreements.

Is it possible to record original speeches, music, songs, etc.?  What about song mixing?

The TRC has sound equipment that can be checked out for personal use.  We can also do a recording at Media Services.  We can split and edit sound clips  for class related projects.  The TRC adheres to all copyright laws.

What is the purpose of a VGA cable?

A VGA computer cable connects a laptop to a data/video Projector or display.

How long will it take to fix a problem in a classroom?

The TRC works to respond to problems in a classroom within minutes after a call if possible.  If equipment is broken, it may take many days or even weeks to get it repaired, depending on the severity of the issue and the availability of the classroom.  Replacement equipment can be provided until the repairs are complete.

Can students checkout media equipment?

Yes. Many types of media equipment are available for checkout. There are certain items (such as large sound systems and production quality cameras) that the TRC reserves for production purposes and which require TRC staff operation if used for an event.

Do projects have to be college related?

No. However, please ensure that audio and video media used in projects is not copyrighted.

What is the average turn-around on projects?

There is no set turn-around time but we will be able to respond to a request more efficiently with ample notice ahead of time.  When possible, please notify us of a request at least 48 hours in advance.  From there, we will be able to asses our ability to fulfill the request and in what time frame.

What is the cost?

You can view a copy of the media pricing guide here. Be aware that all items are listed with per day cost and other fees may apply.  To avoid a rush fee, please submit requests as soon as possible.

Do you have a scanner?

Yes, we can scan letter and small poster size items.

Do you have copies of theatre plays?

No, the Theatre Department records videos of plays on their own.  If you get permission from their department and the master video, Media Services can make duplications.

Do you have a lamination service?

Yes, we can do cold lamination.  Cold lamination is 24” wide-$0.75 per foot.

Do you convert VHS cassettes to DVD?

Yes. We can also take footage from digital cameras and convert it to DVD.

Can I have a TV delivered to my classroom today?

Yes, but we may charge a Rush fee for failing to give us a 24 hour advance notice before the equipment rental.  Equipment is not delivered for personal use or to dorm rooms.

If the project is for class do I have to pay?

In most cases any cost for the project will be charged to the academic department.  Most class related projects are free of charge accept for materials used.

Where is the Technology Resource Center (formerly Media Services)?

It is in IS&S (Computer Center is on the sign out front), which is located adjacent to Hutchins Library.

What is cold lamination?

Cold lamination is cold (does not involve heat), is quick, and is a lot like clear contact paper.   Anything of great value or collector’s items will be devalued from lamination.  Valuable items should not be laminated.

My laptop is connected to an Multi-Media Projector and it is not projecting so what do I do?

Make sure that the cable is properly plugged into the VGA port correctly and the wall plate. Then, try holding down “Fn” and then press “F8”. If these do not work, try restarting your computer and continuing to try the “Fn+F8.”

Why won’t the projector switch to VCR or DVD or laptop?

Make sure the projector is on the correct input by selecting the “Input” button on the projector’s remote control. Also, ensure that VCR/DVD player is hooked up properly and with the right cables.

The projector is on but the screen is still black so what do I do?

Try pressing the “Black Screen” button on the projector’s remote. Also, make sure that the VGA cable is properly plugged in.

Why is there no power?

Make sure the power cord is properly plugged in to the back of the projector/VCR/DVD player as well as in the wall plate.

Why is there no video/sound?

Make sure the projector is on the correct input by selecting the “Input” button on the projector’s remote control.  Make sure the sound amplifier is turned on.  Also, the touchpad could have the sound muted.

I have a video and want it to look professional.  Can I have it edited?

Yes, we can edit videos at Media Services. Be aware that the process could take 3 hours for every 15 minutes of raw video and that each hour of editing time costs $5.00.

Can I get this done today?

We require 24 hour notice on projects and equipment rentals. Failure to let us know ahead of time could result in a Rush Fee of $20.00.

Can I student charge?

Yes. You can charge, pay cash, and write checks, filled out to Berea College.  The Technology Resource Center does not take debit or credit cards.

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