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  • Service Account Application – Used to create service accounts for workstations, voicemail, or e-mail. Complete form and bring to the TRC with your Berea College ID.
  • Useful Campus Technology Information – This document provides a list of commonly used and helpful websites affiliated with Berea College.  Many of the listed sites are required for day-to-day work/study on campus and many will help increase efficiency.
  • Purchasing Catalog – Recommendations for technology equipment that can be purchased by individual departments.  These items include but are not limited to: external hard drives, computer monitors, and LCD televisions.
  • bereabox Organizational Folder Request Form – To request an organizational folder in bereabox, please complete this form and submit it to IS&S/TRC.

Berea365 Guides

  • Sending and Receiving Secure Email – Berea365 includes the ability to send and receive encrypted emails to other Berea email addresses and off campus accounts.
  • Clutter Instructions – The new Clutter folder in Office 365 removes junk email from your inbox for latter review.  This feature can be turned off if desired.
  • Clearing Outlook Cache – Since the migration to Berea365, some email addresses have changed and may not send properly from Outlook.  These instructions explain how to clear out the old address from Outlook.


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