FAQ on Reporting Sexual Assault

If I witness or hear about a violation am I required to report it? How much information am I obligated to report?

This depends on your position at that college. Different employees on campus have different abilities to maintain confidentiality. They are separated here in to 3 categories: Responsible Employees, Counseling Employees and Other Employees.

Responsible Employee

If you are a faculty member, labor supervisor, collegium member, resident advisor (RA), or College Security Officer, you are considered a “Responsible Employee” which means you are required by law to report Sexual Misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator within 72 hours after becoming aware of the incident. Responsible Employees must report all details, to the best of their knowledge, including the identity of the victim and alleged perpetrator.

Counseling Employee

Counseling Employees, such as our college counselors and chaplains, are required to maintain near complete confidentiality, and therefore not held under the same obligations to report Sexual Misconduct as Responsible Employees.

Other Employees

Other Employees (employees that are neither Counseling Employees or Responsible Employees) and students may talk to a victim in confidence, and report to the College that an incident occurred without revealing personal identities. These reports will not necessarily trigger an investigation.

How do I report a violation?

If you are the victim of Sexual Misconduct, or have knowledge concerning a Violation on campus there are 4 different ways to file a report: Criminal Complaint, Institutional Complaint, Report to Responsible Employees, and Privileged/Confidential Reporting.

Criminal Complaint

Criminal complaints are filed with the local law enforcement officials and the College is not involved in that process. You can make a Criminal Complaint by calling either of the following numbers.

Berea City Police: 859-986-8456

Kentucky State Police: 859-623-2404

Institutional Complaint

Institutional complaints are filed with the College and will initiate an investigation by the College. You can file an institutional complaint by contacting one of the following:

Title IX Coordinator, Joslyn Glover: 859-986-3606.

Labor And Student Life: 859-985-3158

Public Safety: 859-985-3333

People Services: 859-985-3070

Report to Responsible Employees

If you report a Violation to a “Responsible Employee” it important to be aware that they are required by federal law to notify the Title IX Coordinator of all reports regarding sexual misconduct, and this will initiate an investigation by the College. The following people are considered Responsible Employees.

Faculty Members
Labor supervisors
Collegium Members
Resident Advisers
College Security Officers

Privileged and Confidential Reporting

Privileged and confidential reports can be made to certain health or mental health providers, and pastoral counselors. Reports of this nature will remain confidential so long as the perpetrator dos not represent a threat to his/herself or to others. These kind of reports can be made to the following resources


Counseling Services
Call 985-3212 to make an appointment
Located in Fairchild, 2nd floor

College Chaplains
Call 985-3134 to make an appointment
Located in the Campus Christian Center, Draper, 1st floor


Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center
Local Crisis Line: 859-253-2511

GreenHouse 17
24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 1-800-544-2022