February Green Dot of the Month

This is a collaborative story between two Berea College students about the same incident.


I encountered my first red dot situation on campus about a year before actually taking the green dot training. One afternoon I walked out on my porch to put out my recycling when I noticed a man walking quickly towards the parking lot. A girl was running after him, asking him to please give her back something. At first, I didn’t think anything of it. I thought maybe he had taken something playfully, and she was trying to get it back so I went back in my apartment. But I still heard her pleading and something didn’t feel right so I went back outside. I witnessed her trying to get her phone from him and him pulling it out of her reach, holding her back to keep her from getting it. He yelled and called her very harsh names. He then proceeded to throw her phone on the sidewalk, shattering it. I was a little scared and unsure of what to do. I wasn’t sure if I needed to call 911 or public safety. I dialed 911 and then hung up because I was scared I should call public safety first. I proceeded to call public safety who then contacted the police and responded immediately.

Survivor's Story

In 2016 I was a victim of domestic violence. I was scared and hopeless after the occurrence, but mostly lost because I did not know what steps to take to ensure my safety. Some of my neighbors and friends witnessed the violence, and one of them intervened and contacted Public Safety. This intervention gave me the access and knowledge of resources I needed to protect myself. Although it was a simple phone call, this small step was necessary. Because of this intervention, I gained the courage to leave the unhealthy relationship. The call allowed to become familiar with and utilize resources (such as Public Safety, Title IX, Counseling Services, etc.) that would help with recovery.


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