January Green Dot of the Month

Green Dot Banner

I finally made it to a Green Dot training my third year here at Berea, the same semester I started working in the Title IX office. Towards the end of the training the focus shifts to being a “proactive” Green Dot and what we can do to contribute to a campus culture that doesn’t tolerate violence. To do my part, I decided to spend Halloween night driving around Berea picking anyone up that needed a safe ride home for any reason. I had calls from party goers, concerned friends, and responsible hosts that recognized when it was time to get someone home. There are lots of things I could have done better in retrospect, like having the contact information for RAs better equipped to handle the situation, but in the end I felt that I contributed to a safer night for those that I could help and simultaneously empowered other folks to delegate potential “Red Dots” to someone they could trust.”

~ Carl Craft (Berea Student ‘17)

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