Tobacco-Free Campus

As of July 1, 2019, Berea College has become a Tobacco/Smoke Free Campus. This new policy honors our seventh Great Commitment, which is to “encourage in all community members a way of life characterized by mindful and sustainable living, health and wellness…high personal standards, and a concern for the welfare of others.” It also takes into account our highly valued Eight Dimensions of Wellness.

The policy includes the prohibited use of the following on all College grounds:

  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars
  • Pipes
  • Water Pipes (Hookahs)
  • E-cigarettes (i.e. Juuls)
  • Vaping devices both with and without nicotine
  • Chewing tobacco and other smokeless tobacco products

See the full list of prohibited products here.

Tobacco-free Campus Map

Tobacco-free Campus Map

View a printable PDF of the Tobacco-Free Campus Map.

This is a big step for our campus community. To help with this transition, we offer a smoking cessation class taught by the Director of Health and Wellness, Jill Gurtatowski.

Find out more information about smoking cessation classes.

Please email for further information about smoking cessation classes or with any questions about the new policy.

Below are a list of other resources to help you or a friend/family member quit using tobacco.

All resources are free unless otherwise stated.

Over the phone support

Online support

Text support

Mobile Apps


  • Livestrong MyQuit Coach (iPhone)
  • Stop Smoking – Mindfulness Meditation App to cessation smoking (iPhone)
  • Quit it Lite (iPhone)
  • Quitnow! (Android)
  • Quit Smoking (Android)
  • Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation (Android)
  • QuitStart (Android and iPhone)
  • QuitGuide (Android and iPhone)

Paid Apps

  • My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking, Stay Quit $.99 (iPhone)
  • Butt Out $.99 (iPhone)
  • UCSF/SFGH Stop Smoking $ .99 (iPhone)

Smokeless Tobacco Support

Find support for quitting chew, dip, spit and other forms of smokeless tobacco (My Last Dip is a free Web-based intervention that is designed to help smokeless tobacco users quit.)

Berea College does not endorse any of the above products or services. The list is provided solely as a service to you of the available tobacco cessation resources.