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When you’re healthy, you are happier and more productive at both work and home. Thrive! the Berea College wellness program, is here to help you become the best possible you.

Taking a proactive, informed approach to improving or maintaining your health is likely to have a positive impact on your overall well-being and ultimately can reduce the amount spent on health care. This second part is important since the Berea College medical plan is self-insured.  This means that we, the College and employees, collectively pay all the medical bills incurred by plan members.

Go365 is a wellness and rewards program for everyone – no matter your age or health status. With Go365, when you make healthy choices, feeling good is only part of your reward. Your healthy choices are rewarded with Amazon and iTunes gift cards, fitness devices, Apple products and more. By participating in Go365, you can earn up to $300 per year in rewards in the Go365 Shopping Mall. You can even give to others by donating your Go365 Bucks to charity. It will put you on the path to healthier living whether you’re a fitness buff, just working on losing a few pounds, or training for your first 5K race. It will also help you quit smoking, lower your blood pressure, and eat healthier. So starting today, make a change. Eat an apple instead of a cookie. Ride your bike to the store instead of taking the car. And get that health checkup you’ve been meaning to. There are also activities that kids can participate in. Take the first step toward living a healthier life right now.

Spouses and partners covered on our medical plan are also eligible and encouraged to participate.

To get started, contact wellness@berea.edu to activate your account.

Participation in the wellness program is voluntary.

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Activity Tracker Subsidy

Wearable activity trackers are a great way to track your activity levels and inspire action. Thrive! is partnering with The Wellness Outlet to offer discounted devices from Fitbit & Garmin. Berea College employees are eligible for a $40 subsidy on top of the already low, discounted prices.

Prices start as low as $29.99 dollars and feature up to 40% off retail. PLUS, get FREE shipping on all orders!

Email wellness@berea.edu to receive your voucher.