Elevated Status for Berea College

Berea College is “sainted.”

So says Gregg Easterbrook in his Tuesday Morning Quarterback (TMQ) commentary on ESPN this week. Easterbrook, talking about recent multi-million dollar gifts to elite college endowments, contends . . . the rich should not donate to the Ivy League, Stanford or a few other colleges that exist for the elite and already have ginormous endowments. Rather, the rich should give to schools for the average. At such colleges, donations reduce inequality, and make a difference in people’s lives. Donations to Harvard only make inequality worse.”  Easterbrook goes on to state that if donors had . . . given their fantastic sums to any of the colleges where students from average backgrounds struggle with loans — or to those schools that the [Washington] Monthly finds offer students the best bang for the buck — they would have changed the lives of ordinary people. Imagine the impact of either bundle at sainted Berea College, which accepts only students with financial need, amongst other criteria. Continue reading Elevated Status for Berea College