Ride Share

One of the best and worst things about Berea College is being at a place with so many people from many different places. While you get to be friends with people you wouldn’t meet other wise, being far from home can be a bit difficult especially when you’re trying to get home for the holidays. Whether you’re having trouble getting a ride home because you can’t have a car on campus or because making that trip home definitely hurts your wallet, we have a couple of solutions.

Zimride is a program designed to connect people with cars to those without and vice versa. By posting your drive on Berea’s Zimride website you can safely connect with other Berea College students to either find a ride home or share your car and make some extra cash. Drivers can post where they are going and offer seats at a certain price. Riders can post where they need to go and hopefully be matched up with someone going the same way. Either way this is a win- win for those who sign up.

Not only is this a great way to get home for the holidays, by posting your daily commute on Zimride you can earn points for your method of transportation (the more sustainable the better) and the person with the most points each week will win a prize. Zimride is a great source to use when trying to escape that Berea Bubble. Even if it’s a trip to Lexington for last minute Christmas shopping or getting a ride to an airport or bus station, posting your ride on Zimride saves in the long run for both your wallet and the earth. Signing up is FREE and takes less than 30 seconds on the Zimride website when you use your  berea.edu email!