Berea College Bike Program

Exciting things are happening at Berea College pertaining to bicycle use and cycling infrastructure. Not only is cycling to and from class a convenient form of transportation for students both on and off campus, but it also encourages reduced use of fossil fuels, highlights dedication to sustainable transportation practices, and is consistent with Berea College’s Great Commitments.

Berea Bike Shop
Pictured: The Berea College Bike Shop, located at the Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability offers free bike repair services for students. The Berea College Bike Shop is located in the garage behind the Office of Sustainability, at 203 Jackson Street, Berea KY.

The Berea College Bike Shop offers free repair consultations and basic maintenance services on most simple bike issues such as inner tube replacement, brake maintenance, etc.

Open Shop ours are listed on the BCBC Service Page.

Rental Program

The Berea College Bike Club (BCBC) is an initiative launched strictly for students by the Office of Sustainability in an effort to increase Berea College student access to affordable active transportation through our campus bike rental program. All on-campus students are eligible to request a bike for the academic term, as inventory allows. For more information, please visit our FAQ and Program rules section here.

Repair Stations

Several bicycle repair stations are located on campus to provide student cyclists with the means to repair their own bicycles for no cost. Five stations have currently been installed. They are located between Fairchild and Alumni Building, at Clover Bottom (where the Office of Sustainability is housed), in the Ecovillage, by Blue Ridge Residence Hall, and at the Pinnacles. For more information on locations, please refer to the campus bike repair station map.