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Because life’s a little different right now, we understand that Green Certification efforts are more difficult. This is a space for people to explore practical ways of incorporating sustainability on an individual basis. We encourage people to continue making small actions to green up their lives. We believe that small actions really do make a difference.

Take Action:

Photo of wasted produce

Did you know that 1/3 of food produced each year is wasted?

This amounts to 1.3 billion tons worldwide!!!

How to reduce your food waste:

  • To cut down on purchasing extra food that may need to be thrown away later:
    • Plan your meals and shop accordingly
    • Purchase fruits and veggies more often in less quantity.
    • Keep your pantry organized so you know what you have before shopping
  • Save your food scraps (fruit and veggie peels, bread crusts, cracker crumbs) and toss them into your countertop composter, garden, yard, or start a compost pile. You can even use this compost as fertilizer for your house plants!
Photo of small coffee cups

Over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year. In the U.S. alone, 450 million cups of coffee are consumed each day.

How to caffeinate sustainably:

  • Make your own coffee at home:
  • If you do go out for coffee:
    • Ask for your coffee without a lid
    • Bring your own coffee cup to cafes
    • Support local cafes