How to Recycle at Berea College

Here at Berea College, we pride ourselves in being mindful, practical, and responsible when it comes to taking care of ourselves and the planet. We’d like you to join us! Below you will find helpful tips about recycling at Berea College, one of the many ways we can reduce our environmental impact.

Recycling at Berea College is single-stream, which simply means that all items that can be recycled are placed in the same bin. You will see many of these bins on campus, labeled as “Mixed Recycling.

These are items that can be recycled:

cardboard · paper · plastic and glass bottles · cans plastic lids

In addition to recycling, we can also compost many things at Berea College, At Events Only. Composting is a process that breaks down biodegradable items into soil. Berea College compost goes to the Greenhouse and the Farm and is used to grow fresh produce.

These are items that can be composted:

plates* · napkins · cups* · food scraps

*Marked “Compostable”

Items that cannot be recycled or composted will go to a landfill. Please limit how many of these items you buy and reuse them it you can.

These are items that cannot be recycled or composted and must go into the trash:

plastic bags · plastic silverware · paper plates soiled food wrappers