Green Your Event Forms and Info

Special Events Request Form

(BC Catering and Supplies through Facilities Management)

Do you have an event coming up? Use the form below to order supplies (tables, chairs, tents; recycling, compost, and trash containers from Facilities) and/or food for your event from Berea College Catering.

Special Events Request Form

When ordering from BC Catering and Facilities, the following “greening” practices are followed automatically:

  • Permanent-ware will be used for events with up to 100 attendees
  • For events over 100, BC Catering uses the approved compostable disposables
  • Organic and locally sourced products always available
  • Indoor or outdoor recycling, composting, and trash bins accompany your order
  • For events with 100+ attendees, student volunteer Recycling Ambassadors can be provided to help attendees dispose of items properly

Green Event Supplies Request Form

(Supplies Only)

Are you having an event, but don’t need Berea College Catering services? No problem! Use the link below to order supplies and recycling, compost, and trash containers ONLY for your event.

Using Outside Caterers

Even if you elect to use a caterer other than Berea College Catering, you can still make your event green. See the guide below for ways to talk with your outsider caterer to make your event more sustainable.

How to Green Your Event with an Outside Caterer (PDF)