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Sustainability Champions

One new part of our website we’d like to start featuring is “Champions of Sustainability.” These are students, staff, and faculty at Berea College taking important steps towards sustainability.

Susan Buckmaster

Susan is the manager of the Berea College Bookstore and recently added a line of sustainable goods to the Bookstore! Click on the link for the whole story.

Calvin Gross

Calvin is the Associate director of the library and for many years now has been diverting compostable waste such as coffee grounds, apple cores, banana peels, etc. to his small, organic garden and chicken farm. Follow the link for the whole story!

Christopher Miller- Appalachian Center

This week we are celebrating Christopher Miller the Associate Director & Curator at the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center and his efforts their  to make the center’s many artistic displays more environmentally friendly. Follow the link to read all the wonderful efforts they’re taking towards sustainability!

Smoothies on the Square

With news of a pile of garbage the size of an island floating in the Pacific Ocean, it can be a little overwhelming to imagine what can be done about the ever growing waste that is getting produced on behalf of human consumption. A solution offered up by the Berea College Visitors Center is one small feat offering a gleam of hope in a sea of troubles (or in this case, trash).