Race to Zero Waste

The Office of Sustainability is pleased announce a new and improved version of our Recyclemania Competition.

For years, Berea College has participated in this eight week competition that focused on increasing recycling rates per person in the residence halls.

Given that the recycling industry is facing a virtual meltdown and massive uncertainty, it’s time to focus more on Rethinking, Refusing, Repurposing, Reusing and Reducing, and work to reduce overall waste.

The 7Rs of Sustainability

With all of this in mind, we are shifting our competitive spirit from recycling the most pounds per person to win the competition, to a Race to Zero Waste.

During this new four-week competition, running March 9-April 3, we will compete campus-wide, not just at the residence halls, to reduce the amount of trash we generate that goes to the landfill.

How will this work?

  • The typical March monthly average of trash we send to the landfill is 48 tons.
  • 48 tons translates to 35 pounds per person on campus.
  • The competition is to beat our monthly average and reduce our waste by 15%.
  • A 15% reduction will translate to 8 less tons campus-wide and 6 less pounds per person.
  • If we reduce our March 2020 waste to 40 tons, the entire campus will be treated to an ice cream social. And, you have to eat every bite leaving no waste!

Residence Halls will also have a special head to head competition in addition to the campus-wide effort with winner residents receiving a catered dinner.

How do residence halls compete?  Participation points.  The residence hall with the most participation points based on percentage of residents participating wins.

Opportunities to gain points include, but are not limited to:

1.Becoming Green Residence Hall Certified

Staggered points. Starting with 25 pts for Exemplary

2. Attending an Office of Sustainability program

Counts for 1.5 participation points

3. Taking the Zero Waste Pledge and posting it on our Instagram

1 participation point

4. Developing and attending a program put on by your residence hall during March 9 – April 3

1 participation point for attendance and 10 points for sponsoring hall

The Office of Sustainability looks forward to working with everyone to become more mindful about the waste we each create and offer ideas and solutions around how to reduce the amount of trash we send to the landfill each and every month.

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