REAP Case Study: Whitaker IGA

The Berea College Center for Energy conducts subsidized energy audits for rural small businesses in Kentucky. Read about Whitaker’s Food World IGA in Neon-Fleming, Kentucky and their story of having an energy audit done at their facilities.

An on-site energy audit was conducted at the Whitaker’s Food World IGA location in March of 2017, and information for the previous 12 months of electrical use was analyzed. Based on this analysis and information collected from the visit to the store, the Berea Center for Energy Audit Team identified two major sources of electrical use: the refrigerated cold cases and lighting. Replacing these with more energy efficient options would save the store nearly $27,000 annually with a combined payback period of 9 years (see chart). Whitaker IGA used this information to apply to the REAP Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency Improvement Grant and may also qualify for tax incentives and loans to cover the full Project Cost.

If you would like more information about subsidized energy audits through the Berea College Center for Energy, contact Joan Pauly, Sustainability Coordinator at Berea College, at for more information