Volunteering Opportunities with Sustainability

Service is an integral part of the Berea College experience and many organizations and departments on campus make volunteering a main focus. Listed below are organizations and departments that have opportunities for students to get involved through volunteerism.

Eco-Challenge Competition Committee

The Eco-Challenge Competition Committee is an integral part of the Office of Sustainability. Volunteer members of the Committee oversee progress on the Eco-Challenge competition during the Spring Term of the Academic Year. The Committee allows students from various interest groups from across campus to have a say in the development and implementation of the Eco-Challenge.

See the Competition Committee Organizational Chart (PDF) for more information on how the Committee is structured. If you would like to volunteer on the Eco-Challenge Competition Committee, contact Joan Pauly (Joan_Pauly@berea.edu).

Positions on the Eco-Challenge Competition Committee: 

  • Competition Director: Attend CCN and RecycleMania webinars, Coordinate training and meetings for Competition Committee, Lead development of program/competition goals, Collaborate with Technical Advisors to advance knowledge
  • Recycling Manager: Recycling weight oversight, Communicating with Technical Manager about data, Liaison between the Competition Committee and Recycling Team
  • Technical Manager: Communicate with Recycling Manager to gather data for RecycleMania and report, Gather CCN data from online Dashboard, Review all data before final results are released, Calculate final results and communicate to Competition Committee, Report baseline and competition data by neighborhood on Excel Spreadsheet RecycleMania and CCN
  • Building Captain Manager: Insight on what works in dorms, Liaison between the Competition Committee and all the Hall Monitors
  • Marketing and Events Manager and Committee: Coordinate development of competition brand; Coordinate competition prizes; Lead development of posters, newsletter blurbs, and other communications; Plan and implement competition events; social media strategy; and partnerships with campus groups

Center for Excellence in Learning Through Service (CELTS)

CELTS provides a headquarters for several student-led service programs and promotes faculty engagement in service-learning courses with community partners.  CELTS offers faculty workshops in service-learning as well as mini-grants for service-learning projects, some of which have focused on sustainability, including the following:

  • Grow Appalachia: Berea College partners with Grow Appalachia to engage families in Appalachia by providing them with the knowledge and resources to grow their own food. If you are interested in volunteering or working for Grow Appalachia, check out their webpage.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Students can volunteer their time on weekends to help with home-improvement, work at the local Habitat Re-Store, or Rent-A-Worker projects. The annual Habitat International Collegiate Challenge allows students to reach out to low-income communities across the country every spring.
  • People Who Care: Students can serve at local shelters, work with the Fair Trade University Campaign, and help raise awareness about local issues like domestic violence, homelessness, fair trade, among others.
  • Brushy Fork Annual Clean-up: Held every spring, the Brushy Fork Clean-up allows students to volunteer to pick up garbage and recycling dumped into the Brushy Fork Creek adjacent to Alumni Fields.

Loyal Jones Appalachian Center

The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center is committed to preserving the cultural and environmental heritage of the Appalachian region.  They offer academic courses in Appalachian Studies as well as a summer institute and internship in Entrepreneurship for the Public Good.