Berea College Farm

Surrounding the borders of Berea College and the City of Berea, the Berea College Farm consists of pastures, cropland, gardens, woodlots, and ponds on about 500 acres. It is one of the oldest continuously operating and most highly diversified student educational farms in the United States. As such, the farm serves as an educational laboratory for students in the Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) program and a working model of sustainable agriculture in the region. There are roughly 50 labor positions in which students gain experience in planning, supervising, and evaluating agricultural enterprises and applying technical knowledge to address real management challenges. Through the farm and labor program students are given the opportunity to apply techniques and knowledge learned in the classroom to real life situations and experiences.

Berea College’s goal is that the College Farm serve as a model of sustainable agriculture, broadly defined as ecologically sound (resourceful and holistic), socially acceptable (safe, fair, and just), economically viable (financially solvent and potentially profitable), and humane (ethical and caring).

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