Academic Programs and Opportunities

The Sustainability and Environmental Studies (SENS) Program officially offers a minor as well as sponsorship for an independent SENS major. The Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) and Biology Departments also offer sustainability- and/or ecology-related course offerings as part of their academic curricula. The ANR curriculum also focuses on Ecology and offers a Sustainable Management of Resources concentration in sustainable systems. The ANR degree requires at least one SENS course.

Numerous other academic programs/departments cross-list courses with SENS and/or include substantial related material, and many of the required General Studies (GSTR) courses include at least one SENS section. Students can also use SENS courses to meet other GST requirements such as Practical Reasoning, Practical Reasoning with Quantitative Emphasis, and the Active Learning Experience (ALE) requirement . In addition, the Office for Internships and Career Development assists students in finding and securing internships in various fields, including those that focus on sustainability. Internships documented through the ICD count towards the required ALE credit.

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