Learn About Our Landscape: Lesson 3.0

Pollinators and Way stations

Have you heard the buzz? Bees are necessary pollinators to our native ecosystems.Unfortunately, bees are becoming endangered in many parts of America. In fact, seven species of bees were added in the Endangered Species List in 2016. Berea College is proud to host pollinator waystations on campus. Pollinator waystations are landscaped beds that have been planted with flowers that are attractive to pollinators, including bees, butterflies and even some birds. Without these pollinators we wouldn’t have the huge variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables that make up our food system. According to one study, “Honey bees contribute over $14 billion to the value of U.S. crop production,” making them invaluable to our current way of life.

In addition to purposefully landscaped beds, pollinators of all stripes (and feathers) enjoy blooms of all types, including many flowering weeds. Thanks to Berea College’s “No Spray” practices, all of these native plants are allowed to grow on campus for use by our wild neighbors.