Green Office Certification

Green Office Certification

The Office of Sustainability is offering the Green Office Certification, a comprehensive program that works to ensure Berea College offices are efficient in the categories of energy, water, meetings, paper consumption, purchasing, waste, and transportation. Office staff will be able to work closely with the Office of Sustainability and the Green Office Certification Coordinator to make changes to operations and office processes, with the ultimate goal of achieving certification.

The certification has several simple steps. First, notify the Office of Sustainability with your interest in having your office become certified. The Office of Sustainability will then send you some additional information on steps to make your office space more sustainable. After putting these practices into place with the assistance of the Green Office Certification Coordinator, you can take the final survey to become certified.

Offices that make sufficient structural and behavioral changes will receive a certification plaque commemorating their ongoing commitment to sustainability. There are three levels of certification with each level up marking a significant increase in an office’s environmental friendliness:

  • Certified (50-69%)
  • Certified Excellent (70-84%)
  • Certified Exemplary (85-100%)

Some additional green tips for offices:

As consumers, we have tremendous power in what production practices we choose to support. Here is some additional information on what to look for in office products.

Sustainable Purchasing Office Guide

Here are some additional tips on how to make your office space and practices greener, and could earn you some bonus points on your final survey.

Additional Green Office Tips

Do you want your office to be Green Office Certified?