Zero Waste Event – Supplies Only

Zero Waste Event - Supplies Only

If you are NOT working with BC Catering, but are planning an event that generates food waste and recyclables, you can still be zero waste! Use this form to order supplies for event materials and waste collection.
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    Berea College Departments and Programs: select BC Account; all other outside organizations must pay by Check
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  • You must reserve a room through Berea's Outlook System for your indoor event. Please disclose the event location that you have or will reserve for purposes of delivering requested supplies (see below).
  • (Recycling, composting, and trash bins will be delivered on request. However, compostable disposables must be picked up from the supply room at Facilities Management between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday)
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  • Compostable Serviceware

    Compostable materials supply orders must be placed at least five working days prior to your event date. Once the order is placed, the Storeroom Manager with Facilities will notify you when the order is ready for pickup, or will make arrangements with you for delivery. Pickup hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (closed noon to 1:00 PM for lunch). Pickup location for compostable supplies is Facilities Storeroom, 310 Main Street (across from The Farm Store). Indicate the number of each type of serviceware you need for your event in the space provided. For reoccurring events, consider ordering a large enough quantity to satisfy your needs for the semester/year.
  • (500 count per box $61.12 or 12¢ each)
  • (25 count per sleeve $3.00 or 12¢ each)
  • (1000 count per box $34.08 or 4¢ each)
  • (50 count per sleeve $2.00 or 4¢ each)
  • (500 count per box $40.48 or 8¢ each)
  • (125 count per sleeve $10.00 or 8¢ each)
  • (12 sleeves of 500 count $35.62 or 0.6¢ each)
  • (1 sleeve of 500 count $2.96 or 0.6¢ each)
  • (1000 count per box $79.09 or 8¢ each)
  • (50 count per sleeve $4.00 or 8¢ each)
  • (1000 count per box $37.95 or 4¢ each)
  • (50 count per sleeve $2.00 or 4¢ each)
  • (1000 count $35.17 or 4¢ each)
  • (500 count $67.73 or 14¢ each)
  • Recycle Content Non-compostable

    Compostable cutlery is made of recycled-content bioplastics. Unfortunately, they cannot be broken down at the Berea College Greenhouse so they will be treated as garbage after use.
  • (1000 count $41.23 or 4¢ each)
  • (1000 count $41.23 or 4¢ each)
  • (1000 count $41.23 or 4¢ each)
  • Waste Containers

    Waste containers separate waste into recyclables, compost, and garbage. Landfill waste includes: disposable forks, knives, and spoons; thin plastics; chip bags and candy wrappers, small condiment packages. Compostable materials include: food scraps; approved cups, plates, and napkins. Recyclable materials include: bottles, cans, glass, aluminum foil, paper, cardboard. If you have placed an order for the event bins, the following procedures apply. If your event is NOT located at these locations, Kevin Long with Facilities Recycling will deliver to your event location. If your events are located in one of these locations, please see special instructions: Alumni Building: Campus Life Office has the keys to the storage area to the bins. Please return bins to the Campus Life Office once you are finished. Stephenson Hall: Bins are located under the stairs in stairwell on the first floor. Please return to the area once you are finished. Woods Penn: Bins are located in the kitchen area. Center for International Education office has the keys to the kitchen if locked. Please return to kitchen once you are finished.
  • Do you need Landfill, Compost, and Recycling Containers for your event?
    (no charge)
  • Recycling and composting volunteer ambassadors

    If event attendance is less than 100, the Office of Sustainability will provide proper training & information for your event volunteers to manage the sorting process. Please Note: Event compost is used on our Organic Certified College Gardens and must adhere to proper sorting techniques. Please contact the Office of Sustainability to arrange training at
  • Note

    Green Event supplies can be picked up at Facilities Building Supply Room. Ordering questions? Contact Ronnie Vanhook at