Race to Zero Programming

Approval for Sustainability Themed Programming

In previous years, the winner of the EcoChallenge was determined by how much recycling was collected by residence hall. However, this year we are replacing the EcoChallenge with a new event called Race to Zero Waste. Instead of residence halls competing to see how much recycling is collected, the entire campus will be trying to reduce waste production by 15%! This year, we are still including event participation points so that the individual residence halls we still be competing against each other.

As a Residential Advisor, there is incentive for you to host Race to Zero Waste programming for your hall! RA’s from the winning residence hall will each  be invited to the catered Winner Dinner at the conclusion of the competition. Hosting a Race to Zero Waste event is 10 points!

Please use the guidelines in the section below to plan events for your residence halls. Attendance at your events is tracked using B-card scanners. You will be responsible for reserving these scanners from Campus Life for your event and sending the attendance information to the Office of Sustainability (email Janae_Pugh@berea.edu with attendance information). The Office of Sustainability does not provide funding for your event.

You must receive approval from the Office of Sustainability for your event to count! Use the form below to submit your event proposal at least 24 hours in advance. Note: Although the Office of Sustainability highly encourages the use of compostable eating supplies, the focus of the Race to Zero Waste is on reducing landfill waste. Therefore, hosting an event with compostable supplies will not directly count as an Race to Zero Race event, unless additional educational information is include in the programming to focus on waste reduction.

Fill out this form with information about your proposed event

  • Provide a description of the event you are hosting. Briefly explain how it will encourage sustainability. Include information about duration, topics covered, activities, and learning objectives.

Guidelines for Sustainability Themed Programming

Follow these guidelines to create your own sustainability themed programming that can count towards overall points for your residence hall for the Race to Zero Waste. Your event should:

  • Be sustainability themed, including food preparation or production, proper waste disposal, reuse of materials, education about conservation efforts, sustainability purchasing options, etc.
  • Be at least 30 minutes in duration.
  • Include information about the Race to Zero Waste, including what incentives are provided for the residence hall that participates in the most programs during the competition.


Need help coming up with programming ideas? See this list of approved programs from previous years: Sustainable Programming Ideas.