Green Game

In 2014, Berea College hosted Kentucky’s first carbon-neutral basketball game. The carbon footprint of the basketball game was calculated based on the electricity used at the gymnasium during the game and the transportation of the opposing team to Berea’s facilities. Once this figure was calculated, the Office of Sustainability was able to determine how many trees were needed to offset the carbon emissions of that year’s game. Through working with the Grounds Crew, Facilities Management and the President’s Office, 24 trees were later planted on campus to offset emissions.

The first Green Game in 2014 featured a half-time performance from many of Berea’s faculty, staff, and students to promote recycling and conservation on campus.

Grounds crew and Berea College Mountaineer Basketball players plant trees on campus to offset carbon emissions from the 2015 Green Game.

The 2015 Green Game featured a Harlem Shake Dance-Off and a recycled costume competition during half-time and free shirts were given out to all the students present. Hosting the Green Game has been a unique way to engage groups on campus that are not usually associated with sustainability initiatives, making it a great way to promote simple, resourceful living to all students on campus.

The Administration Team, composed of the Roelofs, Berea College’s President and First Lady, Chad Berry, Dean of Faculty, Joan Pauly, Sustainability Coordinator, and several other faculty and staff, won the Harlem Shake-Off with these moves: