The Eco-Challenge

Berea College first implemented the Eco-Challenge during the spring semester of 2014.
The Eco-Challenge is a combination of two nationally recognized competitions, RecycleMania and Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN). The competition lasts from late January to the end of March and is promoted on campus through various events. Residence halls compete against each other to have the highest amount of recycling, compared to a baseline figure, and the biggest decrease in energy and water consumption, also compared to a baseline figure.

The residence hall(s) that increase their recycling the most and decrease their water and energy consumption the most are treated to a hall-wide celebration.

The Eco-Challenge also includes the annual Green Game. The Green Game is a carbon neutral basketball game where aspects of sustainability and the Eco-Challenge are promoted. A tree planting ceremony follows the Green Game in order to offset carbon emissions from the energy used at the game and the transportation of the opposing team to Berea College’s facilities.

Eco-Challenge Competition Committee

If you would like to play a part in the development and implementation of the Eco-Challenge, consider volunteering for the Eco-Challenge Competition Committee.