Berea College Grounds

Berea College takes pride in maintaining its grounds to the satisfaction of the campus body and the local community. The Grounds Management Team, comprised of staff labor supervisors and student laborers, works diligently to keep campus landscapes tidy and well-managed, with an emphasis on removing invasive species and encouraging the growth of native plants. To this end, Berea College uses “No Spray” practices on the main campus, meaning that no pesticides or herbicides are used to discourage the growth of weeds and only organic fertilizers are used on landscaped beds. Since Berea College’s main campus falls on the intersection of four watersheds, it is important to limit pollution from water runoff in order to preserve the surrounding natural ecosystems.

Learn About Our Landscape

“Learn About Our Landscape” is a campaign to educate and inform visitors and residents of Berea College about the challenges of managing a landscape for both aesthetic value and to maintain ecological integrity. Click on the links below to find out more about how Berea College is maintaining its grounds while caring for the local environment.

Follow the Foraging Foodie

Do you like free, organic, and delicious food? Look no further than your own front yard! Or, in this case, Berea College’s campus grounds. Many edible and easy-to-find plants grow on campus and can be added to home-cooked foods. See below for easy recipes that incorporate foraged edible weeds and plants on campus.

The Foraging Foodie Finds… Dandelions!

The Foraging Foodie Finds… Clover!

The Foraging Foodie Finds… Wild Garlic!