Berea College Bike Club


The Berea College Bike Club is the most recent initiative being launched by the Office of Sustainability in partnership with Surplus in order to increase Berea College students’ access to transportation and to enable transportation independence in a sustainable manner. As a resource for alternative transportation, we hope to minimize our campus and community environmental impact.

As a part of our “rent to own” program, we want to encourage students to become lifelong cyclist. In addition to receiving a bike, members of BCBC are given a lock and helmet at zero cost to them. Ultimately, what we are aiming to do is to cultivate more of a cycling culture here on the Berea College campus. In order to achieve this goal, we not only want to provide bikes to students, but also provide support with maintenance and nurture a community of students with a genuine zest for adventure and life.

Berea College Bike Club members will have access to assistance in repairing their bike with our in-house bike technician, as well as invitations to DIY workshops and BCBC biking excursions.

What are the rules?

Users are solely responsible for properly securing bikes to bike racks. Appropriate locks are provided.  In the case of theft, please inform Berea College Public Safety and the Alternative Transportation Coordinator as soon as possible. Recovered bikes will be returned to the user.

  • Members MUST be enrolled at Berea College at the time of application submission.
  • Providing inaccurate information may result in disqualification from the Bike Program.
  • Bikes are rented on a first-come-first-served basis, by order of wait list.
  • Student has complete responsibility in maintaining the bicycle. BCBC shall be held harmless in any dispute and/or litigation.
  • Student takes full responsibility for the bike and its accessories.
  • Students pay a $20 fee per semester, with a $10 rebate available if the bike is returned at the end of each semester in good working condition. After two consecutive semesters of bike rental (or one semester preceding the student’s graduation), the ownership of the bike can be transferred to the student OR rent by semester may be continued until the student’s graduation.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact the Office of Sustainability at or

To reserve your bike:

  1. Fill out an application. Apply here!
  2. Your information will be verified to determine eligibility.*

*If you are put on a waiting list, you will be notified when your name comes up to receive your bike.