Berea College Bike Club: Student Rental Program


The Berea College Bike Club (BCBC) is an initiative launched solely for students by the Office of Sustainability in an effort to increase Berea College student access to affordable alternative transportation through our campus bike rental program. We hope the program will encourage students to become lifelong cyclists and foster a passion for sustainability! Our Program is located at the Berea College Office of Sustainability, located at 203 Jackson Street.

We are now accepting rental applications* for the SPRING 2023 Semester

The Final return deadline for rental bikes is: FRIDAY, APRIL 28th

Please take a few minutes to read the program rules, FAQ, and fill out the form linked at the bottom of this page. You will be placed on the waiting list for the upcoming semester and notified by email when we have bikes available, by order of application.

*Please note due to the large number of reservations a submission does not guarantee availability.

Spring 2023 Hours

Tuesday 10-11 AM
Wednesday 3-5 PM
Thursday 10-11 AM and 3-5 PM
Friday 3-5 PM

Shop Hours

Friday 10-11 AM and 3-5 PM

I’d like to rent a bike, now what?

  1. Please take a few moments to look over the Program Rules and FAQ for any questions.
  2. Fill out an application form for a rental bike, located HERE.
  3. Your information will be verified to determine eligibility. If you are put on a waiting list, you will receive a courtesy email and a notification when your name comes up on the shortlist to receive a bike.
  4. The BCBC will send you an email notification when bikes become immediately available for pickup.
  5. Read any attached safety documents located on our Bike Services Page, before picking up your bike.
  6. Please take a few minutes to print and prefill out our Bike Rental Agreement Form to expedite your rental process.
  7. Please arrive at our open shop hours (listed below) at 203 Jackson Street, behind the Office of Sustainability. Please remember to bring the semester rental fee in cash.
  8. Turn in your paperwork and receive your bike and any related accessories.
  9. Bask in your inherent superiority as a Berea student cyclist.
  10. Enjoy riding your bike!

What are the rules?

  • Students MUST be enrolled at Berea College at the time of application submission and plan to be enrolled the following semester.
  • Bikes may only be rented by students living in a campus residence hall OR Ecovillage.
  • Bikes may only be rented for use at Berea College and in the Berea community. Bikes may not be taken outside of the Berea community for any reason.
  • Applicants acknowledge that Bikes are rented on a first-come-first-served basis, by order of waitlist and RSVP. Submitting an application DOES NOT GUARANTEE bike availability.
  • BCBC does not hold on to bikes indefinitely. Students acknowledge that if they fail to come pick up their rental within an allotted timeframe, their reservation will be waived and passed over to a new student.
  • Students are required to provide a 10$ cash rental fee, due at the time of rental. No other forms of payment are accepted.
  • Student maintains the responsibility to keep their bike in a decent ridable condition and in the event that a safety issue is suspected, to immediately notify and return their bike to the BCBC staff for maintenance. BCBC shall be held blameless in any dispute and/or litigation.
  • Student takes full responsibility for the bike, its accessories, and proper locking when not in use. The Office of Sustainability conducts regular campus inspections and any bikes deemed to be open or improperly locked will be immediately repossessed by the BCBC for security. Repeated instances will result in permanent disqualification from the rental program.
  • In the unlikely case of a lost or stolen bike, members MUST inform Berea College Bike Club and Public Safety and file a report, as soon as it is stolen. Failure to submit a report will result in permanent disqualification from the rental program and incur a student fine of $350.
  • Bikes not returned by the specified final date at the end of the term without prior explicit written permission by the BCBC team will be immediately repossessed and the renter will be permanently banned from participating in the program.

If a student has been observed to break these regulations, any rental may be repossessed at the discretion of the Office of Sustainability. The BCBC reserves the right to deny an application at any time for any reason.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact the Office of Sustainability and BCBC team at



When do bike rental applications open up for the upcoming semester?

Typically, reservations for the next semester open up the final week of the current term, and the website and application form will be updated to reflect this. Please continue checking back with this webpage, as it will be continuously updated.

Where is the BCBC located on Campus?

The BCBC Bike Shop is located at the Campus Office of Sustainability at 203 Jackson Street. Our hours are listed on this page.

When do I need to return my bike?

You may return your bike at any point during the semester, but the final cutoff date for returns for the semester is listed at the top of this page and will be communicated to renters at time of receival. Any bikes unreturned by this date are subject to the measures outlined in the student rental contract and program information.

What do I do if I’ve lost or damaged my lock/key?

Please notify the BCBC by email immediately. The renter will be asked to order a new lock or key from our partner supplier. Any bikes out on campus with improperly secured locks due to this are subject to repossession until this is addressed.

Do I need to purchase a bike lock for my rental?

No, all bike rentals are provided with a high-quality lock and key, along with instructions for their proper usage and locking procedure for no additional charge.

You guys seem great, how do I apply to work for you?

We have several student labor positions in the Office of Sustainability. Please submit any inquiries to the campus sustainability coordinator and BCBC at