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Getting the word out

Kelley Farley ’18 and Dani Graves ’19, along with advisor Lisa Colletti-Jones, represented Berea College Aug. 5 at the CASE ASAP student philanthropy conference. View a video and slides from their presentation and learn more about the Berea Patrons.

Berea Patrons is a gift club that recognizes students who support the work of Berea College through one-time gifts or through each Labor Program paycheck.

Membership is renewed on an annual basis, and all gifts from July 1 to June 30 count toward membership. These gifts go to the Berea Fund, which supports everything that Berea is and does.

Berea Patrons Membership 2013-2017

2013-14: 15.5% of student body (out of 1,600)
2014-2015: 32.9% of student body (out of 1,600)
2015-2016: 52.2% of student body (out of 1,600)
2016-2017: 58.4% of student body (out of 1,600)
“I give to Berea Patrons because someone, somewhere has given so I could have this opportunity. Giving, even just a little, can make a lifetime of difference to a future Berean.”

-Dani Graves ’18

“I give because giving is the best form of love and there is not a greater feeling than love or to be loved.”

-Erick Shyaka ’19

Berea Patrons History – 2013-Present

Berea Patrons began in fiscal year 2013-2014 because of the need to educate the student body on the importance of the endowment and giving back to Berea College while still a student.

A student is considered a Berea Patron if they give $5 or more during the current fiscal year running from July 1st – June 30th.  Gifts come from student labor paychecks and are recurring until a student graduates or expresses a desire to cancel their gift.

In July of 2014, the Berea Patrons program was moved from development to alumni relations as the student philanthropy committee under the Student Alumni Council.  Each year, the student philanthropy committee sets a goal for dollars and donors with the help of their advisor, Lisa Colletti-Jones, coordinator of student, young alumni and volunteer engagement programs in the Alumni Relations office.

It has been the goal of the Berea Patrons program not only to educate the student body, but to teach students how to ask their peers for gifts. Berea Patrons has been successful because peer-to-peer interaction resonates more with young donors. Berea Patrons has seen a significant increase in the number of donors during the past four years that will create greater participation in young alumni giving in the years to come. The Class of 2018 will be the first full four-year class to be educated, engaged and cultivated into young alumni donors because of the Berea Patrons program.

Berea Patrons has been presented at conferences and has come in second place in a nationally recognized student philanthropy award program in which Berea Patrons won a $1,000 stipend to continue its good work.

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