Student Philanthropy

Berea Patrons talk to fellow students about the importance of giving back at various events throughout the year, such as during Berea's annual Labor & Exploration Day.

“Paving the Way” for future Bereans

Although Berea College has a large endowment to help cover student tuition costs, we still must raise more than $4.5 million to complete tuition funding each year. That’s about $3,000 per student.

Current Berea students are coming together to pay forward the gift of education through their own philanthropy. All donations of $5 or more between July 1st – June 30th count toward Berea Patron membership. You can join today by completing this form to give each pay period through your labor earnings.

Once a Berea Patron gives at the $50 level they are recognized as Mountaineer Club members.  The Mountaineer Club is students and young alumni from the last 10 years that give $50 or more between July 1 and June 30. Find out more about the Mountaineer Club.

Learn more about Berea’s funding