The Student Life Team, professionals who live in the residence halls, oversee day-to-day life, program implementation, and hall-wide activities. Many upper-class students serve as Hall Coordinators and Residence Assistants through the Labor Program; they help the Area Coordinators carry out their aims.

Dr. Channell Barbour, Associate Dean of Student Life

Channell Barbour, Phd.
Vice President for Student Life

Gus Gerassimides, Assistant Vice President for Student Life

Gus Gerassimides
Associate Vice President
Student Life

Collis Robinson

Collis Robinson
Associate Dean
Student Life

Carla Roberts, Executive Assistant; Student Life

Carla Roberts
Executive Assistant;
Student Life

Beverly Abney, Administrative Assistant

Beverly Abney, Administrative Assistant

Elaine Adams, Area Coordinator: Ecovillage

Felicia Hopkins, Non-Traditional Program Associate, Non-Traditional Students, Frost Cottage, Sustainability

Ben Dun, Student Life Team Member

Benjamin Dunn, Area Coordinator: Deep Green Residence Hall & James Residence Hall

Richard Holland, Area Coordinator: Blue Ridge Residence Hall, Home Management

Dondolyn Holt headshot

Dondolyn Holt, Area Coordinator: Seabury Residence Hall & Anna Smith Residence Hall

Stephen M. Howard, Assistant Director of Student Involvement & Engagement

Michelle Johnson, Program Coordinator, Registered Student Organizations

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Rachel Burnside, Area Coordinator: Bingham Hall, Fairchild Hall

Nayla Bond, Area Coordinator: Pearsons, Elizabeth Rodgers, Edwards Residence Hall

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Charles Saunders, Area Coordinator: Danforth Residence Hall

Michael Thomas, Student Life Team Member

Michael A. Thomas, Area Coordinator: Kentucky-Talcott Residence Hall & Hillside Houses

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Hannah Tolliver, Assistant Director of Housing