Outlook Room Reservations

What To Know

Berea College uses Microsoft Outlook for scheduling and reserving rooms. Its purpose is to provide better service to our Campus community and our Off Campus clients.

Outlook allows you to request rooms for all your events on campus. At the same time, it tells you details about each space as whether or not there is multimedia access.

To request a room or space for your event, please log into your Berea email and make a meeting invite. In that invite, select the room you would your event to be in. Please understand that Student Life only oversees rooms in the Alumni-WoodsPenn Complex.

After completing the request and form, you will receive confirmation of your event from Outlook. Please review this confirmation of your request to be sure all information is accurate. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact the appropriate scheduler.

The room scheduler will then contact you after reviewing your request to determine if your request for a room/space can be approved.

Click Here for a How To Document

If you have questions about a reservable space, contact the following.