BC RecSports


RecSports collaborates with the college community to offer exemplary facilities, programs and services that inspire participation and engagement. Reflecting the varied leisure and wellness needs of the college community, RecSports provides extensive access to a broad range of recreational activities and services. RecSports offers programming which encompasses the competitive, passive, social, cultural, and instructional aspects of recreational activity.


RecSports strives to be a campus leader for inspiring an active, healthy and engaged lifestyle that enhances a sense of well-being and development of a healthy campus community that extends their presence globally


The Intramural program is a student-led organization. It aims to increase student involvement, health and fun. It also promotes community building on campus. We provide organized, safe and enjoyable sporting activities for campus members. We also offer competitive activities for the campus.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for every student, faculty, or staff member to take part in a variety of wellness, fitness and sports activities.  Activities are designed to accommodate all levels of skill.  While most events involve competition, the Intramural Program emphasizes and promotes:

  • participation
  • sportsmanship
  • social interaction
  • healthy exercise

Who can participate in the Intramural Program?

Berea College students, faculty and staff are eligible to take part in Intramurals. No alumni are permitted to participate.  Every team’s roster must be reviewed and approved by Intramural Staff. Students may not sponsor a team.

Sports we provide:

  • Co-ed Dodgeball
  • Co-ed Indoor Volleyball
  • Co-ed Flag Football
  • Co-ed Sand Volleyball
  • Co-ed Kickball
  • Co-ed Handball
  • Co-ed Indoor Soccer
  • Co-ed Basketball
  • Men’s & Women’s Basketball

How to sign-up for Intramurals

All Intramural participants must create an account on imleagues.com

To create an IMLeagues account:

  1. Go to www.imleagues.com/berea/registration
  2. It will take you to your MyBerea and ask you to log-in.
  3. You will be sent an activation email.

Intramural Forms:


Outdoor Adventures

An organization designed to promote enjoyment of the outdoor experience. It provides a hands-on approach to wilderness education. We strive to provide a meaningful medium for student engagement. Our focus is on increasing awareness & appreciation of the outdoors.

Who can take part in Outdoor Adventures?

Only Berea College students are eligible to take part in Outdoor Adventures. Spouses and children of campus members are also welcome to participate, for selective activities.

What we do:

  • Organize outdoor events and programs
    • Hiking
    • Water sports
    • Camping
    • Skiing/Snowboarding
    • Caving Expeditions
    • Ice Skating
    • Climbing
    • Zip-lining

(*Note: the above list is not exhaustive. We are always reviewing and changing our activities based on student feedback and demand)

  • Provide Wilderness Education and Outdoor Skills Workshops
  • Supply outdoor rental equipment free of charge for independent use
  • Serve as a resource for information on local outdoor locales

How to sign up

Join Berea College Outdoor Adventures on B-linked. This will allow you to see program advertisements and sign up for events.

Outdoor Adventures Forms

To access the Outdoor Adventure forms and documents, go to the Berea College Campus Recreation B-linked page and select “Documents” and “Forms,” on the top navigation bar. These documents advise you on how to engage and participate in activities.


The Ground Floor

The Ground Floor is a recreation area just for students.


  • Two billiards tables
  • A ping-pong table
  • Multiple multimedia televisions
  • Cable television
  • Multiple board games and card games
  • A wellness room

Ground Floor is open to students daily from 7 a.m. to midnight with an attendant available at equipment checkout between 2 p.m. and midnight.