Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of the college experience and strengthen the growth and development of students through a positive learning environment, and by providing a variety of student-centered programs, services, and involvement opportunities, such as student organizations, Campus Activities Board, The Pinnacle newspaper, student government, wellness and intramural programs

The Campus Life Office is dedicated to students and committed to the Berea College ideal of education the whole person through building a guided learning community, supporting personal development, and promoting leadership.

Campus Life assists students in the creation of a vibrant learning community in which students are responsible to themselves and to one another. Empowered to value all people; work as a team; serve others and encourage sustainable living.

Campus Life supports intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth by challenging students to seek new experiences and connecting them to all departmental resources.

Campus Life promotes a positive learning environment by providing a forum for students to create and express themselves through involvement in student clubs/organizations, recreation programs, CAB events, Chimes yearbook, and the Pinnacle newspaper.

In pursuit of this mission, Campus Life is dedicated to a partnership with students, faculty, staff and the Berea Community.