Residence Halls

Campus Living: A Place Built Just For You!

  • The Student Life Housing offices are located in the Woods-Penniman Building, third floor.
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  • Berea College values the learning that is entailed within living in a diverse community.
  • Berea College has made it a primary goal to tie social and cultural activities to the academic program.
  • In the residence halls, students learn perhaps the most important lesson of all: how to live comfortably with others within a spectrum of the world’s cultures.

The Residence Hall Program

The program exists to foster a strong spirit of community throughout its fifteen Halls. This program fulfills the commitments and purposes of the College in these areas:

  • social responsibility
  • interracial living
  • academic pursuits
  • social interaction
  • spiritual growth and
  • individual development.

It provides opportunities for:

  • leadership
  • work
  • exploration of values and
  • development of lasting friendships.

Berea College offers variety in Residence Hall living. The fourteen Residence Halls vary in architecture, size, room arrangement and traditions.

In the majority of the halls, double or single rooms open onto conventional hallways. Three of the halls — Danforth, James and Kettering — accommodate groups living in suites. Residents here can take part in a family-type living experience.

The Residence Hall experience is an important component of a Berea College education. The Collegium supports the academic mission by providing environments that promote good study habits.

Berea College recognizes the inherent educational value of the Full Residence Hall experience. Our Residence Halls are microcosms of those communities in which students will live and work throughout their lives.

By engaging students in a process of where they can create communities, they will develop these valuable life skills:

  • communication
  • empathy
  • conflict resolution and
  • consensus building.

The  basis of the residential experience is a shared sense of common good. Students should learn to value that common good and seek to create it throughout their lives.