Anna Smith Residence Hall

Anna Smith was built in 1950. It is currently used as a First-Year women’s residence hall. This dorm is located right next to the main Boone Tavern Square which has a variety of good restaurants and quaint shops. Anna Smith has a lovely charm about it with a beautiful front yard to enjoy.

Date Built: 1950
Square Feet: 27,946


  • 90 Residents
  • Three residential floors
  • Double Occupancy Rooms
  • Air Conditioned
  • Tiled floors
  • Kitchen – There are three common area kitchens. There is one located in the basement, and on the second and third floors.
  • Laundry – Common laundry facility in the basement
  • Restrooms – There is a common restroom on each floor
  • Lounges – There is a large basement as well as lounges on the first and third floors to be used as common space for the residents

Hall Staff – There are seven student staff members (R.A. Staff) that live in the hall in addition to a live-in professional (Student Life Team Member) to help meet the needs of the residents as well as to promote and participate in the residence hall community.

Dondolyn Holt,

Area Coordinator: Anna Smith Residence Hall

Woods-Penniman Building, 302
Phone: 859-985-3308                                                                 E-Mail