Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to my room?

The College furnishes each room with beds, mattresses, mattress covers, window blinds or shades, desks, desk lamps, dressers, and closet space. All bathrooms are furnished with shower curtains, toilet tissue, and paper towels. You are responsible for supplying anything not listed above, such as toiletries, towels, blankets, other linens, and any other accessories you may need.

Are any kitchen appliances provided for student use?

All halls have fully furnished kitchenettes available for your use. These kitchenettes include a stove/oven, sink area and microwave. Some halls also have cookware, coffee pots, and toasters for students to use.

What are the heating/cooling systems in the residence halls like?

Some of our newly renovated residence halls have systems where the actual temperature of the room may be regulated. These are our only halls with cooling options. In other halls, the heating system operates off of a radiator system where the heat may be turned on or off as needed.

What size bed sheets do I need?

Standard twin bed sheets will fit the mattresses provided in the residence hall rooms.

May I have guests over for a visit?

Please visit the Housing  COVID-19 Policies  page to see the updated visitation policies implemented as a result of  the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is alcohol allowed on campus?

Alcohol and alcohol paraphernalia is not permitted on campus. Berea College as well as the town of Berea is a dry area and therefore alcohol is not permitted in stores or restaurants.

What appliances am I allowed to bring?

You may bring a small refrigerator, alarm clock, radio, stereo, iPod, c.d. player, computer, printer, hair dryer, curling iron, cordless phone, television, and vcr/dvd player. Appliances that are not permitted include popcorn poppers, coffeepots, teapots, hot plates, frying pans, microwaves, deep fryers, grills, potpourri pots, etc. Irons are to be used only in laundry rooms or other designated areas within the residence halls. Microwave ovens are to be used in kitchens only and are provided by the college.

Are the residence halls smoke-free?

Yes, all of our campus is smoke free. Berea College is a smoke free campus.

Will I be able to choose my roommate or will I be assigned one?

When attending a summer Registration/Orientation Workshop weekend, you will be provided with a Roommate Request Form. Upon submission of that form, there will be an 80% chance that you will be paired with your requested roommate

Will I be able to change my room assignment?

First –year students may not switch rooms until Spring Term unless it is determined by the Student Life, Area Coordinator that an emergency warrants such a move.

Are private rooms available on campus?

Single rooms in residence halls are available only as space allows. Single rooms will be filled during room choosing season in the following manner:

  • Students currently residing in single rooms may elect to keep their single rooms for the following academic year.
  • Remaining single rooms will be available at room choosing nights and will be filled in order of classification (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, First-years) and lottery number (computer-generated random numbers assigned to students for the purpose of room choosing).
  • A “Single Room Waiting List,” consisting of students wanting a single room, will be maintained in class and lottery number order. Students may sign up for this list during room choosing nights or by coming to The Student Life Office.
  • This list expires before the Spring Term Room Selection period begins.

What is the policy about living off campus?

Berea College is a residential college with particular educational objectives which are, in part, realized through its residential life program. Accordingly, all full-time students are required to live in one of the College’s residential facilities unless they are age 23 or older, married, or a parent. International students are required to live on campus regardless of age. Residence hall students wishing to live in town must have permission from the Student Life Office.

Will my room be carpeted?

Some rooms are carpeted and some are not. This depends on the design and structure of the particular residence hall.

Are pets allowed in the residence halls?

Some small fish are acceptable if approved by a Area Coordinator. Small fish must be kept in a tank that is smaller than 10 gallons.

Can I decorate my room?

The use of tacks, nails, tape, or anything that takes off the paint is not recommended on the walls, woodwork, or windows. Molding hooks may be used for hanging pictures.

Will I have access to laundry facilities? How much does it cost?

Each residence hall has laundry facilities available for student use. Some halls have facilities on every floor, while others have them available to all residents in a centralized location. There is no fee for the use of these facilities.

Will my possessions in my room be insured by the college?

The College does not maintain insurance for your belongings and is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items in rooms or storage. However, it is possible to get renter’s insurance in the same way one would get car insurance or life insurance. If you are interested, check with your local agency or your personal agent to see about a policy.

Will I have internet access in my room?

Each room is equipped with two internet ports for student use.

Will I have cable television in my room?

Berea College does not provide cable service in residents’ rooms. However, it is available in designated lobbies of the residence halls and Specialty Houses.

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