About the EcoVillage

The Ecovillage has a total of 50 apartment units, ranging from one, two and three bedroom layouts.  Each apartment is arranged in a townhouse style, with the living, dining, and kitchen area downstairs and the bedrooms, bath, and study area upstairs.

The rent at the Ecovillage varies according to the bedroom layout, and utilities are not included in the rent(i.e. heat, electric, water, sewer, & cable).

The EcoVillage is reserved for:

  • Single parents who have full-time custody of one or more dependent children.
  • A married couple – with or without children.
  • Students 23 years or older.
  • Bridge-Out Students.
  • Some of the apartments have a low water-use washer, but none have dryers
  • All of the apartments come with a drying rack for hanging up clothes
  • For those who do not have washers, the EcoVillage Commons House has a laundry room with a number of washers and dryers accessible to residents.
  • There is a community garden that all residents are able to participate in.
  • A Variety of fruit trees can be found throughout the inner yard, as well as in the food forest growing along Ellipse St.

As a tenant of the Ecovillage, you will be expected to participate in environmentally friendly practices and community building activities.

Programs that may be offered include:

  • Composting
  • Provide one educational or social program a year on sustainability
  • Participation in gardening/ landscaping/ grounds/ outdoor activities
  • Production and distribution of green cleaning products
  • Participation in governance or leadership of Ecovillage Association
  • Babysitting at program events
  • Apartment Maintenance

Involvement in such programs for student families can be an important aspect of raising socially and environmentally conscious children.


When you receive the application for the Ecovillage in the mail, you should return it as soon as possible, along with the application for the Child Development Lab, if needed, and a background check form for yourself and for your spouse, if married. The fee for the background check form will be paid by the Ecovillage program, so include that in the packet and make sure that you have a witness to sign who has seen you sign your form.

Rental assignments will be made 30-90 days in advance of the requested move-in date.

  • When the confirmation letter is received by the applicant, you are asked to return the Intention to Rent Form within 5-7 days.
  • The Rent is charged to the student account at the beginning of each term and must be paid before in order to register for the next term.

Sharonda Steele

Ecovillage & SENS House Manager
Ecovillage Commons House
Phone: 859-985-3179