Frequently Asked Questions (Continuing Students Town Hall)

Student Agreement & Expectations

If someone has an important event to attend off-campus and are planning to come back to campus, would they be able to go, following all necessary protocol?

Students will be expected to stay on campus for the duration of the Fall term. If a student needs to leave campus, they will have to request permission from Student Life through the Associate Dean. Students should consider that leaving campus and coming back puts others in the community at risk.  

Can students leave the campus for hiking the Pinnacles, Brushy Fork, or for other such activities? 

Students can take walks and go hiking at the Pinnacles and Brushy Fork. Students should take a mask with them so that they can put it on if they encounter other people during their walk. 

Can on-campus students visit off-campus students in Berea?

To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the residence hall, campus students should not visit off-campus students and vice versa.  

Can we use other types of face coverings other than medical face masks?

Yes, students may use other face masks outside of the medical face mask. The college will be providing every student with four face masks. 

Will students need to alert public safety or other offices if we want to hike in Brushy Fork or walk around town, or will we be permitted to walk within the city of Berea without any notification?

You will want to inform the hall staff and/or your Area Coordinator so that they are aware. No other notification will be required. 

Will counseling services be available in-person or only online?

Counseling Services will have limited in-person availability for emergencies. Most appointments will be online.  

 Do Ecovillage residents need to fill out the car approval link?

Yes, Ecovillage residents will need to complete the vehicle permit application to be approved for a car.  


Testing Protocol

How will students get money for testing if it is not free to them where they live?  

Students do have access to their Berea College insurance and should be able to get a test without charge.  

What kind of testing will be done? Is the blood antibodies test an option?

The college is asking students to get a PCR test done before returning to campus. The antibodies test will not be a part of the college’s testing protocol.  


Financial Aid

If we still have a summer balance in the fall can we set up a payroll deduction or payment plan in order to confirm? 

Charges for Spring and Summer 2020 terms must be paid before confirmation can be completed for Fall term 2020.  There cannot be a payment plan for the spring and summer term expenses that goes into the fall term.  If you’re having trouble paying your student account, please contact the Student Financial Aid Office at or a specific counselor. 

If I do not plan to return to campus and I get a part-time job for the Fall, how will that impact my term bill when we return to campus?

Monies earned this year will not impact your academic year term bill.  However, it could impact your bill when you complete your FAFSA in October 2021. 

If a student works at home (or not at all), will that affect their EFC?

Monies earned this year will not impact your academic year term bill.  However, it could impact your bill when you complete your FAFSA in October 2021.  

When will we receive the revised financial aid award letter?

Financial Aid is currently working to change and test systems in order to get correct award letters out as soon as they can. It may be a couple more weeks. Students will receive a notification by email that their new award letter is available in myBerea. 


Student Life – Housing

What is the difference between an athlete leaving campus to compete in a contact sport and a student leaving to go to Walmart for necessities?

Athletes who choose to compete in contact sports will follow additional protocols to ensure safety and they will be traveling under the terms set forth by Athletics and the college. Students can go to Walmart by shuttle or either walking.  

With students returning and first years coming in as well, can exemptions be made for those of us able to make our own food to be removed from the meal plan and have the aid to get our own food directly? Or alternatively, a system set up for us to get ingredients to cook our own food without needing to go to dining?

Berea College is a residential campus and as such the meal plan is required for all residential students. If you have a concern about what Dining Services is able to provide please contact Charlie Brubeck, Dining Services General Manager.  

 Will students with off-campus housing (such as non-trads) be allowed to take in-person classes and/or fulfill on-campus labor positions? Or will they be moved to on-campus housing?

Approved off-campus students will have the opportunity to take in-person classes as well as complete their labor assignment on campus.  

Will student parents in the EcoVillage get to park in our EcoVillage parking lot?

Student parents in the Ecovillage will be allowed to park in the Ecovillage parking lot. Please be mindful that you will need to complete the vehicle permit application and you will be expected to follow all campus COVID-19 related guidelines.