Student Life

Student Life welcomes the Class of 2023

Great Commitment #7: Supportive & Sustainable Living

To maintain a residential campus and to encourage in all community members a way of life characterized by the mindful and sustainable living, health and wellness, zest for learning, high personal standards, and a concern for the welfare of others.

Connecting to Campus

As an engaged Berea College student, you can gain leadership skills, explore career options, serve others, celebrate your ethnic heritage, and learn about the heritage of others.

Your Berea College home

The Housing program is designed to fulfill the commitments and purposes of the College in fostering social responsibility, interracial living, academic pursuits, social interaction, spiritual growth and individual development.

Berea College Counseling Services attempts to meet the personal and developmental needs of individual students. Licensed professional counselors assist students with difficulties in an unbiased and objective way. All professional counseling services are completely confidential.

Berea College Public Safety at ext. 3333 is the central point of contact for all matters related to the safety and health of the college community and all issues related to personal security and protection of property.

As an educational institution committed to engendering the highest human and spiritual values in a Christian context that welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds, a basic expectation of acting in terms of the highest moral principles is explicit.

We at Student Life believe that everyone has the potential for leadership, at any point in their college experience. Our goal is to help you create an integrated and coherent leadership experience through your labor, educational classes and extra-curricular experiences, enhances your knowledge and empowers you as a person.

Contact Information

Phone: 859-985-3290

Street Address

101 Chestnut St.
Berea, KY 40404