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                Fostering fellow and future Bereans!

Although Berea College has a large endowment to help cover student tuition costs, we still must raise over $4 million dollars to complete tuition funding each year. That’s about $2,500 per student.

Current Berea students are coming together to pay forward the gift of education through their own philanthropy. Join the Berea Patrons in an effort to raise $10,000 to complete four tuition’s for the 2014-2015 school year!

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Top Stories

We did it!

We have already surpassed our goal of reaching $5,000 in student donations this year. THANK YOU!

Collectively, you were able to fill the gap for tuition costs for two students. You also met several challenges from students, alumni, and administration that resulted in an additional $4,000 in gifts.

Generous U Runner-Up Award

The Berea Patrons program was awarded Runner-Up by Generous U this year. Generous U is a national contest to increase philanthropy and philanthropic values on U.S. college campuses. The competition was judged on YouTube videos and essays submitted by college and graduate students. They will receive a $1,000 Sillerman Prize to use to increase the capacity of Berea Patrons.

You can view their entry at http://sillermancenter.brandeis.edu/prize/2014.html.

Congratulations Seniors!

graduation-2014-1You have made us all so proud! Just know that we will be thinking of you as you journey beyond Berea.

Several of you have asked about how you can continue your contributions after leaving Berea. You can give a one-time gift or sign up for monthly donations online. CLICK HERE

Legacy Wall

Evening view of the Legacy Wall in Fee Glade on March 7, 2010.Berea College’s Legacy Wall proudly displays the names of those who now departed individuals who were generous enough to have either made a life income agreement with the College or included the College in their estate plans. These remarkable gifts help keep Berea College’s mission moving forward, as they are placed in the College’s endowment. There they generate the yearly support that helps provide the full-tuition scholarships enabling Berea students to receive a quality education. Have you visited the Legacy Wall at the heart of campus? Learn More

Student Spotlight

Ra’Shaun Langdon

rashaun“I was given the opportunity of a life time to further my education. Currently, I am a junior at Berea College; I work at the Historic Boone Tavern Hotel as the student bellman manager. Discovering Berea has made me an example of the poem “A flower who grew from the concrete,” which exemplifies the model in which we were founded on here at the College. Berea has groomed me into a man, and an attribute to the world we live in. This town we have begun to call home has cultivated each and every one of us into worthy choices to lead this nation. I will forever be appreciative of my future alma mater, Berea College. And this is why I feel that donating to the College is crucial to the existence of the institute we have grown to love.”

Donor Spotlight

Steven ’03 and Jennifer ’03

steven-and-jennifer-126x140Steven says, “I support Berea because it makes our nation better. Berea provides an exceptional education which allows students of promise, with limited means, to make something of themselves. Berea provides the tools, the students provide the effort, and our society is the winner. This blessed place is a beacon of light and hope. I am proud to be a part of this institution and will continue to support it for the rest of my life.”

Jennifer had great advice for current students. Jennifer said, “Work hard and have fun. College is a time to be young and live life to the fullest. Don’t focus so much on the prize and forget to enjoy the journey. Travel the world through as many study abroad programs as possible and do not settle for just a degree. Find out what makes you happy and embrace it. Know that you are here because of those that came before you and respect that. Give back what you can so others can take advantage of the same life-changing experiences.”