Outside Scholarships

The College will determine how scholarships from outside sources will be used, including the Kentucky Excellence in Education Scholarship (KEES), depending on your financial need and other sources of aid available for:

    • tuition
    • housing, meals, and fees
    • educational costs (e.g., books, art supplies, etc.)

Due to federal guidelines, scholarships or grants cannot be used to replace the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as determined by the FAFSA. Berea College’s current policy states that students will be able to use from outside scholarships up to a maximum of $900 for books if there is need remaining in their financial aid package. This is done to prevent a financial aid overaward and many times it becomes necessary to reduce other financial aid already awarded (e.g. Miscellaneous Endowed Grant or Cost of Education Scholarship). Students with outside scholarships may be able to use Berea College endowment grants up to $2,000 for faculty-led courses during their enrollment at Berea. Therefore we strongly encourage students to apply for outside scholarships to help cover some book and travel expenses when possible.

Please notify Student Financial Aid Services of any scholarships you receive directly. Please send notification letters from the donors and mail any checks you receive for outside scholarships to the following address:

Attention: Student Financial Aid Services
Berea College
CPO 2172, Berea, KY 40404

or you may bring them to 120 Lincoln Hall. Any scholarships made payable to you that you cash must be included in your financial aid package, so those funds must be reported as well.