Federal Work Study (FWS)

Federal Work-Study aid is federal self-help assistance earned through part-time employment in the College Labor Program. For this work, students receive a Labor Grant at the beginning of each term that is used as a payment toward the Cost of Education and a paycheck about every four weeks for the number of hours worked. Institutional funds will be used as payment for those students who are ineligible for Federal Work Study funds.

Your Financial Aid Notification lists an estimated amount of labor earnings for your grade classification. Depending on your hourly pay rate and hours worked per term, you could earn more or less than this estimated amount during the academic year. You will be paid for the actual hours you work in the labor program, and these earnings are an available resource to pay some of your term bill balance, books, supplies, and other education related expenses. If payroll deductions are used to help pay on the student account charges, a minimum of 50% of the check will be applied automatically to the student account each pay period, with the remainder issued directly to the student via paper check or deposited into a bank account.

Students must complete a payroll deduction authorization form each term if they wish to use part of their labor earnings to pay student account charges. Also, we strongly encourage students to complete direct deposit forms to have their labor earnings deposited into a bank account.