Student Financial Aid

Applying for Additional Assistance

If the term bill balance and other educational expenses are more than you can pay with help from family, labor earnings, summer savings and any other resources, you may apply for Additional Financial Aid. Additional aid, usually in the form of a loan, is awarded to students based on remaining financial need after all other resources are considered. Students may speak with a Financial Aid Counselor and/or complete an Application for Additional Financial Assistance to request more funds. The only resource available to replace the EFC is an unsubsidized Federal Direct loan. In order to borrow a Federal Direct Loan, a student must complete subsidized and unsubsidized loan counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) at  Students are encouraged to work each summer and save approximately $800 to help pay for their transportation and personal expenses each year.

Students who work in the College’s on-campus summer labor program or are paid by Berea College for off-campus positions during the summer months are expected to save $800.  Examples would be earnings from Bonner Scholars, Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (EPG), Upward Bound, internships or other positions that qualify for special pay rates, stipends, or room/board compensation. This savings expectation cannot be replaced with loans or outside scholarships.

Limited need-based grant assistance may be awarded to students whose expenses for books and supplies exceed the $700 average for the year. Supplies include art supplies, nursing equipment/uniforms/shoes, business suits required for presentations, other items required by courses that cannot be purchased at the College Bookstore, exams required for graduation and licensure in a major (e.g. Praxis tests, NCLEX exams), etc. Students must keep receipts for all items purchased during the academic year (if not charged to the student account)* and submit the receipts with an Application for Additional Financial Assistance to see if they qualify for additional grant aid for those expenses.

* Educational items purchased at the College Bookstore or the Art Department supply store may be charged to the student’s account if the student cannot pay for those items at the time of purchase. We do not need paper copies of those charges applied to the student’s account. However, we do require receipts for items not charged to the student’s account if applying for assistance.

Additional Aid for Medical, Dental, and Optical Expenses

Institutional loans and/or grants may be available if these charges are not covered by insurance. Examples where aid might be offered would be for wisdom teeth extractions, one time optical exams, glasses or extended wear contacts, immunizations, and other medical expenses.

Berea College Student Financial Aid Services
CPO 2172, Berea, KY  40404
Office Location 120 Lincoln Hall, handicap accessible from ground floor
Phone 859.985.3310; Fax 859.985.3914

Hours 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, closed Tuesday at 4 p.m. for labor meetings.

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