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Student Crafts on the Square (SCOTS)

Student Crafts On The Square (SCOTS) is Berea College Crafts’ newest education and retail space. Located at 120 Main Street on College Square, SCOTS provides a unique ground-floor studio area for five craft disciplines: Broom Making, Ceramics, Jewelry, Weaving, and Wood.

The space is already uniquely sub-divided to provide a gallery and demonstration space for each craft discipline. Upon entering the store, visitors encounter students weaving at the loom, making brooms, and weaving stools within a gallery of student produced craft merchandise. As they proceed through the building, visitors see potters throwing at the wheel, jewelers, broom-makers, and weavers all at work. It is very apparent to visitors that the students are the “heart and soul” of our craft studios.

SCOTS provides direct, hands-on, experiential education for the students as they interact with visitors and demonstrate their craft. Patrons see the actual craft and artistic processes while the students become ambassadors for their craftsmanship and Berea College. All works for sale in the gallery are created by students at work in the Student Crafts Program.

Front and rear doors to SCOTS allow passage to the shops and galleries along both Main Street and Short Street, thus providing easy access to all the College Square attractions.

Location & Contact:
Student Crafts on the Square (SCOTS)
120 Main Street
Berea, KY 40404

Phone: 859-985-3963

Products on display at SCOTS may also be ordered through our online catalog or by phone at 1-800-347-3892.

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