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Black Mountain Home for Children, Youth and Families, Black Mountain, NC. Fall Festival 2012.

On October 13th, Berea College Crafts Education and Outreach (BCCEO) traveled to Black Mountain, North Carolina to demonstrate traditional Appalachian crafts at the local children’s home. The Black Mountain Home for Children is a small establishment nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains that provides a safe place for neglected, abused and abandoned children from the Black Mountain Area. October 13th was their annual Fall Festival which serves as a fund raising event for the home as well as a way for the community to come together to play games, listen to bluegrass music, eat barbeque and have some good old fashioned fun. BCCEO sent seven student craftsmen to demonstrate their crafts and speak about Berea College’s mission and opportunities to the Black Mountain community. The crafts that were demonstrated included wood turning, pottery, basket weaving, broom making, weaving on the loom and spinning wool. The students got to interact with the folks from Black Mountain as well as the kids from the children’s home. Some of the kids were in their junior and senior year of high school and were very interested in what Berea College has to offer. Martha Savage one of the pottery demonstrators said that “I got to tell them about and show them my craft, but later I got to sit down and really make them understand what an awesome opportunity Berea College can be. They told me they were wanting to study subjects such as nursing and psychology, but were also interested in art. I told them that I would be graduating with a Liberal Arts degree in English and also, thanks to the Crafts Program, four years worth of experience in a professional artist studio.” The community was incredibly welcoming and grateful for the added aspect of the educational demonstrations of Appalachian crafts to their fall festival.

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